Payyanur is a place of historic importance. Payyanur was in the forefront of Indian Independance  struggle and  connected national movements like  ‘Salt Sathyagraha’ and Khadi movements In the year  1929 the  National  Congress  Committee  held at  Payyanur under theChairmanship of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had adopted the resolution ‘Poorna Swaraj’.

          Payyanur  is  well   known  as  a  place for khadi movement. Payyannur was a major centre of promotion of khadi & retain this tradition. Mahatmaji visited Payyannur in 1934 the Khadi activities of Payyannur specially congratulated by him.

             In 1925 Gandhiji organized All India Spinners Association  and   the same period khadi  activities  started at  Payyanur  also  as   part of All India   Sarva   Seva   Sangham  which was organised subsequently,1934 Payyannur was selected as Head Office of charkha Sangham Kerala . After the charkha Sangham became popular in Payyannur and
the surrounding places. The thin and soft cloth made in Payyannur Khadi Sangh gained nation wide attraction and it got the brand name as “ Payyannur Special” . After the Independence gradually the charkha Sangham faded out of the picture and the khadi activities fully came under the Govt. control and the consolidated all the khadi activities in Payyannur registered a Charitable Society in the name of Payyannur Firka Gramodaya Khadi Sangham during the year  1955 under the Charitable Societies Act 1860. Freedom fighters V.P.Raghava Poduval, E.Narayanan Nair, and N.Raghava Shenoy were the promoters of the Sangham.
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